About Us

Ilir Sino, owner and founder of The Original Spaghetti House in 2001, has been cooking great flavorful dishes, preparing quality cuisine and offering great service in different settings for the past 35 years. Mimoza, Ilir’s lovely wife and business partner, has also been a great asset with her 25+ years in the food preparation industry. Ilir’s right hand man, Paul James, has been cooking daily at spaghetti house since 2003. The delicious food, with hand picked items, prepared by the Sino and Original Spaghetti House family has been time tested through the years, and still thrives in demand in the great city of Peterborough.

Homemade Goodness Anywhere

Now you can enjoy the great taste of the Sino recipes anytime and anywhere you like. This great endeavor will bring all of Sino’s fine foods to you to have on hand to make your own dishes on the spot, with all the same nutritious, delicious and healthy meals and homemade ingredients at your disposal.

Enjoy the Great Taste of Sino’s Recipes Anytime!

Community Support

$1 Donated with Every Sauce or Dressing Purchase

Sino’s Fine Foods is a very community minded business. Ilir Sino said It’s time to give more back to Peterborough and the community with some donation incentives. With every purchase of a Sino authentic sauce or dressing, Sino’s will donate one dollar back to a variety of community causes. This will help support and sponsor sports activities, food programs, health related causes, and education programs to name a few.

This community contribution program will stay in place for the entire lifespan of Sino’s Fine Foods and further help the communities less fortunate in a variety of ways thanks to community-minded businesses like Sino’s Fine Foods.

When Ilir arrived in Canada from the Old Country, he did not have many material goods. What he did bring with him was infinitely more valuable, a special gift his mama and papa gave him. That gift will be passed down to my children and grandchildren.
That gift is the steadfast belief that in life, success comes from hard work and always striving to be your best. With Ilir’s belief, and a helping hand, people can better achieve there goals.

The Sino Fine Food family is hoping to help the Peterborough community one bottle at a time.